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Haris Rauf Wikipedia: – Haris, a cricketer from Pakistan who was born on August 7, 1993, has established himself as a fast bowler in both domestic and international competition. He is a Pakistani native who transitioned from playing tennis ball cricket to representing Pakistan worldwide. He is from Rawalpindi.

Haris Rauf Age and Biography

Haris will be 30 years old in September 2023. His path to popularity is the stuff of cricket players’ fantasies. Rauf was a day labourer in Rawalpindi before making his international debut for Pakistan. His raw talent and incredible speed attracted the attention of talent scouts during local tennis ball cricket competitions when he first received notice.

He was signed in 2018 by Lahore Qalandars, a team in the Pakistan Super League (PSL), where he had the chance to polish his abilities and pick the brains of professional cricketers. He received a call-up to the Pakistan national squad due to his outstanding PSL achievements.

Hairs Rauf Wikipedia

Haris Rauf Wife

I last updated my knowledge in September 2021; as of that time, neither public records nor information regarding Haris’s wife were readily available. Please remember that personal information, such as marital status, may not always be publicly available or change over time. As a result, it is best to consult the most recent sources or his social media sites for any updates regarding his personal life.

Haris Rauf Stats

Particularly in the T20 format, Haris has been a significant player in Pakistani cricket. He has played domestic cricket in Pakistan and T20 Internationals for Pakistan. His T20 bowling stats are reasonably impressive, and he has a propensity for getting wickets when it counts.

He has demonstrated the ability to bowl consistently at high speeds, making him a vital asset in the game’s shortest format. His bowling stats have frequently made a difference for his team.

Haris Rauf Height and Weight

Haris is renowned for having a tall, athletic build ideal for rapid bowling. He stands at about 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm) tall, and although precise measurements of his height and weight may not be easily accessible to the public, it is believed that he weighs between 80 and 85 kilogrammes. These dimensions are estimated and subject to change.

Haris Rauf Bowling Speed and Fastest Ball

Haris’s incredible bowling pace is one of his most significant advantages as a cricket player. One of the world’s quickest bowlers, he regularly bowls at speeds of more than 145 kilometres per hour (90 miles per hour). Many batters have been challenged by his ability to produce pace and bounce, and he is regarded as a true speedster.

His fastest recorded delivery was reportedly made at 93–94 miles per hour (149–150 kilometres per hour). In the T20 format, when speed and aggression are highly appreciated, his uncommon brand of pace makes him a frightening bowler.

Parents and Family

There isn’t much information regarding Haris’s parents and family history. There wasn’t much information regarding his family as of my most recent knowledge update in September 2021. Cricketers’ private lives typically remain quiet, especially those from modest families. But it is well known that he is a native of Rawalpindi, Pakistan.


Haris plays cricket for Pakistan and is a citizen of that country. He is regarded as one of the rising stars in Pakistan’s fast-bowling lineup and enthusiastically represents his country in international cricket.


Haris was active on Instagram during my most recent knowledge update in September 2021. He uses his Instagram account to detail his cricketing career, daily life, and follower interactions. If you want to keep up with his most recent posts and activities, you can follow him on Instagram.



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Q1) Is Haris Rauf married?

Ans) I last updated my knowledge in September 2021, and Haris’s marital status was not disclosed in any public documents or sources. Personal information, such as marital status, might change over time, so it’s best to check the most recent sources or his social media accounts for adjustments.

Q2) What is Haris Rauf’s fastest recorded delivery?

Ans) The fastest delivery by Haris is reportedly 149–150 kilometres per hour (93–94 miles per hour). He is now among the world’s fastest bowlers as a result.

Q3) Where is Haris Rauf from?

Ans) Pakistan’s Rawalpindi is where Haris was born.

Q4) What is Haris Rauf’s current age?

Ans) Haris will be 30 years old in September 2023.

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