Mira Sorvino Wiki, Age, Biography, Parents, Sibling, Love Life, height, Weigt & Net Worth

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Mira Sorvino

Mira Sorvino Wiki, Biography, Age:

American actress Mira Sorvino is well-known and has had a tremendous impact on both the big and small screens. She was born in Manhattan, New York City, on September 28, 1967, therefore in 2023, she will be in her mid-50s. For her skill, adaptability, and captivating performances in a range of film and television roles, Mira Sorvino is lauded.

Mira Sorvino Wiki

Family, Sibling:

Mira Sorvino hails from a family with a long history in the entertainment industry. Her mother, Lorraine Ruth Davis, is a writer and therapist, and her father, Paul Sorvino, is a well-known actor. Along with her brother Michael, Mira Sorvino has two additional siblings. Her acting career was probably influenced by growing up in a family with artistic roots.

Love Life:

The public has been interested in Mira Sorvino’s love life throughout her career. She has been dating actor and director Christopher Backus for a while. Four children total have been born to the couple after their marriage in June 2004. The public is aware of her connection with Christopher Backus, which has been a big part of her personal life.

Height & Weight:

Mira Sorvino is renowned for her graceful and statuesque demeanor, despite the fact that her height and weight are not clearly displayed in her public persona. Similar to many other public individuals, precise physical information like height and weight might not be commonly known.


The tremendous body of film and television work that Mira Sorvino has produced has distinguished her career in the entertainment business. Here are some of her career’s major high points:

  1. Breakthrough Role: The role of Linda Ash that Sorvino played in Woody Allen’s 1995 film “Mighty Aphrodite” brought her great acclaim and notoriety. She won the Best Supporting Actress Academy Award for her work.
  2. Versatility: Her adaptability has been a defining trait of Sorvino’s career. She has played a variety of parts in a variety of movie genres, including romantic comedies, dramas, and thrillers.
  3. Television: Sorvino has appeared in TV movies and series in addition to her career in motion pictures. Her work on television has also gotten positive reviews.
  4. Advocacy: Mira Sorvino is an activist for a number of social causes in addition to performing, such as promoting human rights and preventing human trafficking. Since 2009, she has served as a goodwill ambassador for the UN.
  5. Awards and Nominations: Sorvino has acted in a number of films throughout the years, and she has been recognized with various honors and nominations for her work.

Net Worth:

Given her tremendous career in the entertainment business, many are curious about Mira Sorvino’s net worth. Her estimated net worth was in the millions of dollars as of my most recent update in 2021, though exact quantities may vary. Her successful work in movies and television over a lengthy period of time has helped her financially. However, public celebrities’ net worth can fluctuate over time and is influenced by personal privacy preferences.

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Mira Sorvino FAQ:

Q.1 Who is Mira Sorvino?

Ans. seasoned American actress noted for her engaging and diversified roles in film and television is Mira Sorvino. She is praised for her abilities and her contributions to the entertainment sector.

Q.2 What is the age of Mira Sorvino?

Ans.  Mira Sorvino was born on September 28, 1967, therefore as of 2023, she will be in her mid-50s.

Q.3 What is the net worth of Mira Sorvino?

Ans.  Although estimates of net worth can change over time, as of my most recent update in 2021, Mira Sorvino’s net worth was thought to be in the millions of dollars range, reflecting her successful career in the entertainment sector.

Q.4 Who are the parents of Mira Sorvino?

Ans.  Paul Sorvino, a well-known actor, and Lorraine Ruth Davis, a writer and therapist, are Mira Sorvino’s parents.

Q.5 Who is the Husband of Mira Sorvino?

Ans.  Christopher Backus, an actor and director, is Mira Sorvino’s husband. Four children total have been born to the couple after their marriage in June 2004. The public is aware of her relationship with Christopher Backus.

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