Sylvia Likens Wiki, Age, Biography, Parents, Sibling, Love Life, height, Weigt & Net Worth

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Sylvia Likens
Sylvia Likens

Sylvia Likens Wiki, Biography, Age

Born on January 3, 1949, Sylvia Likens was a teenager whose life was brutally cut short in 1965 by a horrible series of events and severe torture.

Sylvia Likens Wiki

Family, Siblings

Lester Likens and Elizabeth Francis “Betty” Likens were the parents of Sylvia. Among her siblings was Diana Likens.

Love Life

Her tragic life circumstances and early demise at the age of sixteen make it inappropriate or unavailable to disclose any details of her romantic history.

Height & Weight

When talking about Sylvia Likens’ life, it is important to recognize the tragedy she experienced and its wider ramifications rather than focusing on specifics about her height, weight, or other physical characteristics.


Since Sylvia was a youngster when her life was taken at the age of sixteen, little is known about her professional or career history.

Net Worth

The amount of money Sylvia Likens is worth is unknown. But far more significant than any monetary worth are her legacy and the awareness against abuse and neglect brought to light by her heartbreaking experience.

Social Media Handle

Sylvia Likens was not active on social media at the time of her untimely death in 1965.

Sylvia Likens FAQs

Q.1 Who is Sylvia Likens?

Ans. Little Sylvia Likens was cruelly abused and neglected in 1965, and as a result, she passed away too soon. Her heartbreaking story serves as a stark reminder of the effects of abuse and neglect.

Q.2 What is the age of Sylvia Likens?

Ans. Born on January 3, 1949, Sylvia Likens tragically died in 1965 at the age of sixteen.

Q.3 What is the net worth of Sylvia Likens?

Ans. There is no available information regarding Sylvia Likens’ net worth, but her legacy stands as a reminder of the importance of preventing such tragic occurrences.

Q.4 Who are the parents of Sylvia Likens?

Ans. Sylvia Likens’ parents were Lester Likens and Elizabeth Francis “Betty” Likens.

Q.5 Who is the husband of Sylvia Likens?

Ans. As Sylvia tragically passed away at a very young age, she did not have a husband.

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